We create tailored portfolios for clients harnessing our in depth research and experience whilst continual monitoring and management of the portfolio can assist to deliver desired returns.
We identify potential stocks that are mispriced by the market whilst overlaying fundamental analysis to determine if a company is over or undervalued. Technical analysis is used continually to evaluate and identify trading opportunities both their entry and exit.
We offer our private clients direct access to capital raisings Taurus is involved in either via wholesale placements or IPO via prospectus. Taurus Capital has shown continued success and results in these areas.


We advise small to mid-cap ASX Listed companies, our expertise in this area is utilised on how best the company can create beneficial outcomes and add further value for stakeholders.
Taurus has been Lead Manager for several ASX IPO’s and also managed and participated in many successful capital raisings.
Taurus can assist companies by 1) Identifying an undervalued asset or opportunity, 2) Identify and outline the synergies in a potential merger, acquisition or corporate transaction.